organic | dynamic | abstract

Leonie came via Berlin, Istanbul and Zurich to Hamburg, where she studied graphic design parallel to her tattoo training. She has been with KODIAK from the beginning and has been a permanent resident artist since 2018.

Her style is organic, dynamic and abstract, she also works with many contrasts.
She makes use of graphic, architectural and typographic elements to encode and at the same time emphasize her statements. Her focus is on compositions that work with the shape of the body, as this adds another layer of abstraction to her designs.

Leonie loves her profession because for her, tattooing is the perfect combination of craft and creativity, creating collaborative projects with people and their stories. That’s why she has launched a very special concept since 2021:


What is dialogic tattooing or a dialogic tattoo?
Dialogic tattooing is an approach to the tattoo process developed by Leonie, which uses elements from coaching, grief counseling and art therapy. The result is a tattoo that is based on an intensive conversation and a joint creative process.